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James R. Fulton

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Fulton

William D. and James R. Fulton, the original founders of Garden City, were born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; William was born on August 14, 1824, and James on August 5, 1828. Another brother, George W., was born there November 23, 1821. In 1833, they moved with their parents Levi and Ciddie Fulton, to Perry County, Ohio, where they grew to manhood, entered business, and married.

William Fulton and Luticia Skinner were married June 15, 1847. Their children were Ellen Ross, Caroline Hopper, Clara Wirt, Ciddie Stevens, and Lincoln W. Four others died in early childhood.

James R. Fulton's wife, Mahala Romine, died in 1871. He had one son, James W., born about 1850, who with his family was among the first Garden City settlers. James R. Fulton and Mrs. Millie Merrill Weigel were married March 22, 1882, in Garden City. They had one child, Ina Glenora, born January 2, 1883.

Photos courtesy of Finney County Historical Museum

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