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Buffalo Center

Buffalo Center was the first attempt to establish a town in Garfield township, which was then Buffalo county. A.D. Wettick of Cimarron, having visions of the county being organized, decided to start a town and make it the county seat. He put up a sod store building on the southeast quarter of section 36-21-29, and stocked it with goods in 1878 from his store at Cimarron. He had a man in charge who also handed out mail to the few settlers and cattle men whenever it was brought up from Cimmaron by freighters. The country was practically unsettled, but strangers were beginning to come in, and they were welcomed first and then allowed to prove their worth afterwards. One day a bunch of men were loafing around the store waiting for the mail to be brought in when a couple of young fellows rode up to the store on horseback. But in reply to the customary "Howdy stranger," they whipped out their guns and oredered the storekeeper and the patrons to line up against the wall. They took what they wanted from their victims and some merchandise from the store. Seemingly satisfied one held the gun while the other mounted his horse, and then the other held his gun while his partner backed out and got on his horse. They made a successful get-away, and soon vanished from sight among the Pawnee brakes.

Mr. Wettick failed to find well water near his store at Buffalo Center and the location was early abandoned.

Note: Text taken from "Conquest of Southwest Kansas" by Leola Howard Blanchard, which can be ordered through the Finney County Historical Museum.

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