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Agribusiness is the base of our economy and with this comes a multitude of related industries that have worldwide impact. By the hands of corporate and family farms, rich soil, and the great four season climate, these sweeping plains produce wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans, alfalfa and sunflowers. Relying on the area's feed grains, millions of cattle are yearly finished in commercial feedyards that surround Garden City and Southwest Kansas. The expertise of local cattlemen has expanded this industry to the point that more cattle are fed within a 60 mile radius of Garden City than anywhere else in the world.

Because of the tremendous volume and wealth of agribusiness, manufacturers and marketers are locating in the Garden City area to better serve this broad customer base. Industries in and around Garden City offer products or support services such as oil and gas, water well technology, systematic irrigation, box fabrication, metal casting and fabrication, extrusion of plastics and the list gets longer. Many area businesses market extensively throughout the surrounding five state area, nationally and internationally.

Garden City is a complete consumer shopping center offering a thriving downtown, modern malls, department stores, general merchandise and a host of specialty shops. The products and services that make up these businesses run the gamut of the retail world. Whether it be the latest equipment or clothing for the family, Garden City shopping is well known for selection and service.

"Both the agricultural and business economy have prospered into a community large enough to support all shopping needs, but not so large that the crime rate or unemployment have ever been a problem. This innovative growth left us with enough commerce for our young to always have opportunities to return, as I did to Garden City, my hometown."

Joe Burnside
Reeve Agri Energy


"I do believe that in this part of the country there continues to be as much opportunity for young people today as I had when I was just starting out. If the young people are willing to work hard, the opportunities are here in the Garden City area for them to make a good life for themselves and their families."

Harold Kleysteuber
area farmer

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