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Religious opportunities are diverse in Garden City. Forty denominations of religious beliefs give guidance and faith in the community. Large and small congregations can be found, all welcoming newcomers and visitors.

Recreational programs and independent athletic organizations offer opportunities at all levels of participation. Garden City is proud to have a YMCA and an active Recreation Commission that promotes the arts as well as athletics.

From dawn to dusk, we are a thriving, moving city in the beauty of the plains. There is a unique spirit to Garden City. It's a spirited awareness that fuels our work. It's a fun-loving spirit that makes our play. It's a contemporary spirit that leads us to grow. And, it's a catching spirit that, to us, has become a way of life.

"The vitality of our community is enhanced by the high percentage of young people and the diversity of people from many nations. I especially like the pioneering spirit, the progressive attitude, and the caring value system that is found throughout the community."

Dr. James H. Tangeman
Garden City Community College

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