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Garden City enjoys a population of about 27,000 people and the median age is 28. Long time residents have welcomed this vitality and growth. Statewide, Finney County experienced the greatest population growth measured in the 1980's. The community is strengthened by a regional medical center, airport and retail trade area.

The opportunity to learn and the art of learning are central philosophies of our educational system. Private and public schools include 16 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 fifth and sixth grade centers, a high school and a community college offering a diverse and complete education to all age and interest levels. All students, including those with special needs are given direction in order to develop to their fullest potential.

St. Catherine Hospital has become a regional health care center for a 18 counties in the area. This hospital, complete with the latest in medical technology and equipment has 24 hour emergency services, a Level 2 Newborn Intensive Care Unit, a Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, a Cancer Treatment Center, an Ambulatory Surgical Center, Telemedicine, and Teleradiology facilities. This hospital serves as headquarters for over 48 physicians, and 510 employees.

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