How I Live United:

My name is Doug Keller and I am honored to be associated with Dave Sweley and Finney County United Way. Dave gave his time and talent energetically and enthusiastically because he understood that when everyone’s needs are met, Finney County is stronger. In this spirit, I have supported United Way’s efforts in various ways. I feel strongly that United Way agencies are vital to the overall health and wellness of this community. Collectively, FCUW agencies provide a community-wide safety net. From babies to the elderly, United Way agencies ensure that basic needs are met. We should never take for granted the important work done by the United Way. Our time and financial generosity are critical to keeping United Way agencies viable. Please join me and many others in making Finney County strong by
contributing to the 2019 campaign



My name is Celyn Hurtado.  I have lived in Garden City for most of my life and was blessed with three children.  I have known many family members and friends that have benefited from  programs made available with the help of United Way.  I have even used some of the programs myself.  I have worked at the City of Garden City for 14 years and was first introduced to the giving side of United Way through our organzations' participation in fund drives.  I have helped organize several campaign drives for City employees with the assistance of committee members made up of employees designated by the City Manager with great success!.  Words do not do justice for the feeling of joy I receive from the continued success of these events.  I know that I am just one small part of a great organization's gift to the community.  Please know that your gift no matter how small will be used to help bring a hot meal to the hungry, build homes for families, or bring smiles to children's faces. 


Together we can make this happen.