How I Live United:

My name is David Lunzmann.  I have proudly called Finney County homes since 1975.  I would like to thank the United Way for their amazing commitment to building and improving our lives and communities.  Today, more than ever, when the challenges we face can seem overwhelming, it is important to recognize that good things happen when we focus our collective energy on the issues that matter most.  United Way is committed to changing lives and local conditions by focusing on the building blocks for a high quality life.  Research and experience shows that these are: a quality education, a stable income, good health and the ability to meet one's basic needs.  When these needs are met, we all succeed; our neighborhoods become healthier and stronger, our schools improve and our businesses prosper.  We are fortunate to live and work in a region that is rich in opportunity and in talented, hard-working, caring individuals.  My family has been deeply blessed by many United Way supported organizations.  I also have had opportunities to learn and grow while helping others through the United Way; always a tremendous gift of learning experience.  Thank you for sharing your gifts of resources, skills, time and energy for the benefit of your neighbors and community.  Your efforts are appreciated and valued beyond meausre.  Its generous people are what make Finney County a world-class home. 



My name is Celyn Hurtado.  I have lived in Garden City for most of my life and was blessed with three children.  I have known many family members and friends that have benefited from  programs made available with the help of United Way.  I have even used some of the programs myself.  I have worked at the City of Garden City for 14 years and was first introduced to the giving side of United Way through our organzations' participation in fund drives.  I have helped organize several campaign drives for City employees with the assistance of committee members made up of employees designated by the City Manager with great success!.  Words do not do justice for the feeling of joy I receive from the continued success of these events.  I know that I am just one small part of a great organization's gift to the community.  Please know that your gift no matter how small will be used to help bring a hot meal to the hungry, build homes for families, or bring smiles to children's faces. 


Together we can make this happen.