A first grade student was referred to BBBS at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.  Her dad had been in a freak accident the year before and was still trying to recuperate and then at the beginning of this school year her mother passed away unexpectedly.  She was struggling with the loss of her mother and her dad was doing the best that he could.  The school counselor referred her to BBBS for a little extra help.

The teacher reports that the child's Big Sister is a very responsible, kind and caring person that interacts so well with her Little Sister.  They are a great match and the Big Sister is a very positive influence for the child.

The child has shown improvement in her school performance, class participation and behavior.  She has improved her grades in two subject areas and has improved on her reading skills.

Just having that extra person care and be there for her has helped the child in so many ways and she continues to grow every day.