I was a partner with Finney County United Way for 19 years.  When I was first asked to donate, I was hesitant not knowing how the money would be used.  I started giving only $1.00 per week, which I would have spent on a soda.  Each year as United Way came in to do thier presentations at my place of employment, they made me feel more comfortable that the funds were being used wisely in our community.  The partner agencies that came to give testimonies, whether good or bad, tugged at my heartstrings.  As the years progressed, my donations increased, utilizing payroll deduction.

I have volunteered with Finney County United Way since 2001, was a co-campaign chair and a board member for 9 years.  Volunteering in our community is very rewarding.  I have assisted with weatherizing homes for the winter, as well as doing presentations for companies in our community. 

I encourage you to get involved by being an advocate, volunteer and donor.  One donations touches so many lives by assisting our youth, Seniors and many other programs.  I feel blessed knowing that I am able to help make a stronger community.  LIVE UNITED.    

Teresa Smith, Branch Manager Commerce Bank