The Finney County United Way does not currently have a Student United Way but if you are interested please contact us to see how we can join together to start one.

What do Student United Ways do?

We mobilize our peers to make lasting community change. Student United Ways figure out what their communities most need (in education, financial stability and health), then we all work together to meet those needs. Does your nearest high school have low graduation rates? You can tackle the problem in a preventative way, as a volunteer reading buddy to help young kids improve their reading skills and get on a long-term path to success. Do your lower-income neighbors lack savings accounts? You can help implement a financial literacy course that helps them save more of their hard-earned money and provide for their families. Are many children in your community uninsured? You and your peers can create a campaign to raise awareness about affordable insurance options. We’ll help you get started!

How do I start one?

  • Download this the guidebook at
  • Reach out to Finney County United Way (
  • Meet with your high school or college campus’s student activities staff and find out what you need to do to become an official student organization.
  • Start spreading the word.
  • Use Alternative Spring Break and the Student United Way Leadership Retreat to engage students.
  • Elect officers.
  • Register with us to become official.

Go to for more information.