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Finney County Preservation Alliance

Our objective is to help preserve the rich history of Finney County, through the preservation of historical, architectual, and environmental heritage. We see ourselves as a positive force in a dynamic community.

The mission of the Preservation Alliance, a non-profit organization, is to identify historic buildings and sites, and to contribute support as necessary for the preservation and restoration of those places.

In keeping with that endeavor, our first priority will be to continue with the Windsor Hotel Preservation Project.

We believe that the Windsor Hotel is the premier landmark of our community and that a restored Windsor Hotel would be the "crown jewel" of Finney County.

We believe the Windsor can be restored to its original grandeur and we will pursue avenues of stabilization and restoration through our non-profit status, utilizing public and private funds. We are confident in our plans of working with developers who are interested in restoring the Hotel as office space, retail space or mixed use. It has been proven that this building is a prime candidate for redevelopment. The costs compiled last year for the Finney County Commission estimated a cost of $520,000 to stabilize the building and make it attractive to developers.

Join us in this, our first, truly worthwhile endeavor.

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Last Updated: 20-Jan-03
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